Common Questions

Are D.C. radiologists qualified to give expert testimony?
Answer: Yes. We are board certified and experts in our field and have had numerous court room appearances.

Are D.C. radiologists qualified in MRI interpretation?
Answer: Yes. D.C. radiologists are well trained in the subject and attend the same continuing education courses as M.D. and D.C. radiologists. We have interpreted over 100,000 MRI cases and have published numerous articles on imaging and regularly lecture on the topic.

Do D.C. radiologists read films for physicians other than D.C.'s
Answer: Yes.  We read for D.C., D.O. and M.D. physicians of various specialties such as orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, and neurologists.

Can I send digital x-rays to your office to be read?
Answer: Certainly, as long as your system is DICOM compatible, we will provide you our DICOM send information via email to enter into your system.  You will need our IP address, AE title and port number to send. Once this information is entered it should be easy to send a patient’s x-rays with a few clicks of the mouse.

What is your turnaround time for radiology reports?
Answer: We attempt to read all the studies that are checked in on any given day unless they are received late in the day.  They are typed shortly thereafter and when approved by us the reports are sent automatically back to the referring doctor.  Some minor delays may be expected in cases of illnesses, vacation, holidays and weekends.

Can we access your PACS system to retrieve the reports ourselves or check the status of the reports on our patients?
Answer: Yes, we can provide your office with a login and password to access our PACS and retrieve the reports in digital format to copy directly into your office software.

Can we access the images of our patients on your PACS system?
Answer: Yes, you have the ability to see any of the images from your patient’s study as well as see any annotations we place on the images.  You can also choose to view the key images only if we have marked key images in the study.  Individual images can also be printed in your office directly from our system.



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